Issue Date: 20 November 2019

RFQ Number: 2019-43

RFQ Name: Short-Term Technical Assistance (STTA) Alumni Dashboard Developer

Questions due by: 17 January 2020 23h00 UTC

Answers will be provided by: 21 January 2020 23h00 UTC

Closing Date for offers: 3 February 2020 23h00 UTC


The Information Safety & Capacity (ISC) Project invites written quotes from qualified individuals, organizations and/or firms for the service of a cross-platform application developer.

Introduction: The Information Safety & Capacity (ISC) Project enhances internet freedom by improving the defensive cybersecurity capabilities of local partners in developing countries.


Problem: The ISC Project has graduated several thousand human rights defenders, activists and journalists. Our Digital Security Specialists (DSS) are in touch with most of them but it is difficult to know if they fall off the infosec wagon by using unpatched OS or digital services.


Solution:  An Alumni Dashboard service which will run on alumni devices in order to scan their digital environment and flag them and the operator in case of none-updated services.


Requested Services

To achieve this solution, the ISC Project is requested quotes for the development and delivery of an Alumni Dashboard service. Specifically, The ISC Project seeks an individual or vendor to:

  • Develop the Alumni Dashboard and

  • Write the service documentation

Required Functionalities

The Alumni Dashboard service will, at a minimum, incorporate the following functionalities.


  • Monitor Alumni device to ensure that:

    • The device is authentication-protected

    • The device’s storage is encrypted

    • Fingerprint and face recognition are disable

    • No services are using localization in the background

    • Cameras are cover

    • An OTP-generating app or a password manager is installed

    • OS and services are updated

    • Device doesn’t run anything it should be avoided

  • Flag the alumni in case of failures

  • Be easily to install

  • Be easy to use by the operator

  • Easily produce comprehensive analytical report

  • Encrypt data flows between alumni’s devices and operator server

  • Not introduce new security risks for the device being monitored


The Alumni Dashboard must:

  • Run under Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS

  • Be in English, but easily skin-nable into other languages including right-to-left languages (e.g. use Transifex as source for crowd-source-able skin translations)

  • Be open-source using an approved license and a recognized forge to share the source code

  • Based on an existing Open Source software if available


The format, content and phasing of the deliverables will be discussed with and approved by the management team. Proposed deliverables are listed in the table in this RFQ’s Section 3. The Alumni Dashboard Developer will report to and collaborate with the management team.

Period of Performance

This assignment is expected to begin o/a 20 January 2020 and be completed by o/a 31 July 2020.



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